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If you've got any favourite links that you'd like to share please email them to me. Preferably they should fit into the broad categories of weather, aviation or outdoor, but not necessarily so. Also let me know if you spot a dead link on my listing.
Many thanks!...

Useful Links


Picasa pics from John+Sue

Queenstown webcam Zoom in on the airport or the Remarks
Airways Preflight planning weather etc, great for upper wind prediction (free registration)
On-line weather stations and more See actual conditions
DOC Check out the good maps
NZ Met Service
Brian's weather links
BOM Aussie weather maps (covers NZ)
Local Met expert David Crow's forecast Usually updated about 11am
Victoria University One of the best when its on-line!
MetFlight The CAA's service for licenced pilots
Lake Wanaka Web cam Looks like it points west...
WeatherZone in Oz Predictions of what's west and heading this way...
Southland weather station
NOAA Hi Res satellite Look out for wave clouds etc, search the archive too
Wunderground This shows the Jetstream over Oz + NZ
NOAA "READY" Enter your lat (-45) and long (170) to get the modelled sounding for stability, inversions etc

New Zealand Gliding Association
New Zealand Gliding Forum Local discussion
Wikipedia for gliders, detailed info on many popular types
More gliding stuff
A Sailplane Directory
Archive of Dick Johnson flight reports Very good facts on many common gliders
Gliding Magazine Good site...worth a look
PIK-20 site
PW5 site
Links to everything Gliding
Gliderforum, good discussion
Some tips on learning to glide
The training syllabus for glider pilots New students please read!
South Canterbury club (Wardells info)
Southern Soaring
Nelson Gliding club

General Aviation
Aircraft Wikipedia Heaps to lookup here
Landings ...heaps of info here!
How things fly ...lots of theory
RAANZ Microlight association
RNZAC NZ Aeroclubs

Local District

Harriers The local running/walking group


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