NZ has no big native animals, but we do have a number of special native birds. Our favourite is the Kea which we see often when near the Main divide.

Click to view hi-res picture KEA Keea keea!

It's always a privilege to see Blue Ducks. These are now quite threatened due to predation by our many introduced pests such as stoats, ferrets, rats...

Click to view hi-res picture Blue ducks

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Check out your nearest tramping club by enquiring at your local outdoor store. For further info look at the Federated Mountain Clubs (FMC) website

And for specific info on places featured here you can contact John

Camp in Snowy Gorge Creek, click to view hi-res picture
Tussock campsite

Our family has a long history of tramping. Sue and I continue to explore the South Island hills as much as they can.
We prefer trips that involve pleasant campsites, views above bushline, and few or no tracks. We're happy visiting remote areas on our own but enjoy the company of friends when we can coordinate it! Our favourite area for longer trips is the Southern Alps south of Mt Cook, but anywhere in the South Island rates highly!
Douglas range, NW Nelson, click to view hi-res picture
Douglas range, NW Nelson

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